Two understudies, shooter dead in New Mexico school shooting

Two understudies were executed and 15 more were harmed following a shooting at a secondary school in New Mexico. 

San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen said the shooter who opened fire at Aztec High School is likewise dead. 

The school stays on lockdown and was cleared after the shooting, experts said. The state police and FBI are directing the examination. 

"The groups of the casualties were told quickly. They are in our musings and supplications," state police said in an announcement. 

Bloomfield and Farmington secondary schools in the territory were likewise on lockdown as a precautionary measure, yet those lockdowns were later lifted. 

Apprehensive guardians assembled at Aztec City Hall to sit tight for more data as officers endeavored to console them about the wellbeing of their children. 

"It's awful — it's an extraordinary group and we cherish this place," San Juan County Sheriff's Office representative Jayme Harcrow told People. "Things can happen anyplace, however it's stunning when they occur in a place like here." 

The San Juan County Sheriff's Office is advising inhabitants to avoid the zone. 

Aztec is a rustic group of 6,500 in the core of northwestern New Mexico's oil and gas nation, and close to the Navajo Nation. Its fundamental road is lined by old block structures that backpedal over 100 years. 

Navajo Nation said in an announcement that 15 individuals were harmed. 

"It's heartbreaking when our youngsters are hurt in fierce courses particularly on school grounds," Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye said. "We express our sympathies to those families who have been hurt. Our petitions go out to each one of those influenced by this disaster and everybody all through the San Juan County. We are requesting supplications for these families." 

Sen. Martin Heinrich said on Twitter that he was following reports on the circumstance and "sending my considerations to the group and all influenced in New Mexico today."