Riteish's father did not accept Genelia, then how did the marriage happen?

Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh was born on December 17, 1978 in Latur, Maharashtra. He is also a TV presenter and producer along with acting. His wedding with Riteish's love lady Genelia D'Souza took place on February 3, 2012. Both of the Bollywood's most cute and charming pairs are included. Riteish and Genelia's love story is quite fun. Did you know that getting rid of Ritesh-Genelia's Beetha Mohabbat was not easy. Actor's father, Vilasrao Dukham, did not like this relationship.

But if you say that love is true then all the activities get involved in the struggle to get involved. Over time Ritesh's father agreed for the relationship of both. Well, Ritesh-Genelia's first meeting was quite fun.

Both of them met in Hyderabad during the test shoot of 'Tabe Mere Kasam' in Hyderabad. Genelia first met Riteish at the airport. In those days his father was the CM of Maharashtra. Jenilia ignored Ritesh on the airport.

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He knew that Ritesh is the son of a minister. She understood that Ritesh will be the spoiled boys of the rich house. Before that, Riteish ignored them by avoiding him. Ritesh's love and respect for his family touched the heart of the actress. Due to which he had been quite impressed with Riteish.
During the shooting of 'MUJHY TerI Kasam', Ritesh started to love Genelia. After the shoot, she started to miss Jennelia a lot.

Slowly, both of them started talking on the phone. They started to meet outside The friendship of both changed in love. For ten years this couple has dated each other.


This cute Bollywood couple has been married twice. First Christian Wedding then Maharishthi. Genelia is from the Christian family, so the first church got married. For the second time, both of them took part in seven rounds with the Maharashtian custom.
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Today both are very happy in their married life. Ritesh is now the father of two children. Even when Ritesh and Genelia still come together, they are surrounded by fans.

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