Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar December 9 live update: Salman Khan and Arshi Khan fight over Shilpa Shinde

Missed the previous evening's Bigg Boss 11 scene? Read every one of the features from the most recent scene of India's most questionable reality demonstrates publicized on Colors.

After mental scenes, things turned fairly dull on Saturday's scene of Bigg Boss 11. Host Salman Khan invited ex-Bigg Boss hopefuls Rohan Mehra and Karishma Tanna, and eager Bigg Boss fan Karan Patel in the house. The trio imparted their insights with the competitors about their execution. 

In the interim, Salman pulled Priyank Sharma's leg over Divya Agarwal saying a final farewell to him. He also amazes Hiten Tejwani by getting back his significant other Gauri Pradhan and his children on the show for an uncommon meeting. With respect to skipper Arshi Khan, out of the blue, she earned Salman's fierceness. 

Read every one of the features from the most recent scene of Bigg Boss 11: 

10:26 pm: Gauri and Hiten's youngsters' backpedal and Gauri embraces Arshi and says that she makes the most of her science. Arshi says that it's not a wrong thing to like somebody. Hiten looks glad in the wake of meeting his family. 

10:25 pm: Hiten gives his side of the story to Gauri. Gauri exhorts Hiten and reveals to him that he needs to win the show. 

10:24 pm: Salman says farewell to the housemates and jokes that he will come to bring Akash tomorrow. 

10:23 pm: Hiten expresses gratitude toward Bigg Boss for the amazement and Salman allows them to get to know each other. 

10:22 pm: Hiten chooses to demonstrate to them the house and after that strolled in Gauri from the admission room. They share a warm embrace. 

10:21 pm: Hiten is thrilled to meet his kids and they say that they appreciate watching him on ends of the week. 

10:12 pm: Hiten is left astounded and in tears and expresses gratitude toward Salman for the exquisite blessing. 

10:11 pm: Salman addresses the hardware and advises Puneesh to go to the storeroom and after that enters Hiten's children. 

10:10 pm: Salman says farewell to Karan, Rohan, and Karishma. 

10:09 pm: Salman inquires as to for what reason do housemates cry seeing their family when they are altogether used to working in outside far from family. The housemates share that they have just begun overlooking names and telephone numbers. 

10:08 pm: Salman says that Hina looks uncertain in the house and Hina yells that she isn't at all unreliable. Karan-Hina takes part in a war of words. 

10:07 pm: Hina says that she needs to go out. Karan reminds Hina that she feels that her companions will go before her. The housemates snicker at Hina's absent-minded conduct. 

9:58 pm: Hina stands up to Karan and discloses to him that he should remain in the house one year from now to recognize what precisely goes in the show. Hina likewise discloses to him that she may have backpedaled on her words two or three times yet that doesn't mean she lies. She additionally discloses to Karan that her battle with Priyank was close to home and that it is typical to battle among companions. 

9:56 pm: Salman acclaims Hina that she has changed herself such a great amount in one year. He specifies the time she had gone ahead of the show as Rohan's on-screen mother. 

9:55 pm: Salman at that point respects all the three visitors on the stage. He at that point welcomes the housemates and gets some information about the uncommon visitors that went ahead of the show. He says that Karan, who hasn't remained in the house doesn't should turn out to be so judgmental. 

9:53 pm: Karishma discloses to Hina that she is looking awesome on the show with her great garments and identity. She says that Hina's execution helps her to remember herself. She additionally advises her to try to do she says others should do to her companions. 

9:52 pm: Karishma discloses to Shilpa that she too delighted in cooking as much as her and reveals to her that she is playing admirably. She heads to Akash and reveals to him that he was better before and his changed symbol isn't useful for the show. 

9:51 pm: Karishma Tanna goes into the house and she gets nostalgic. Karishma reveals to Hiten that she misses him a considerable measure. She lauds Vikas on utilizing his psyche in the amusement and that she cherishes him on the show. 

9:50 pm: Hina exhorts Arshi that she ought to be cautious of her words. Arshi says that the show is one-sided and that when she was with Shilpa, individuals were great with her and now everybody is considering her to be an adverse individual. Arshi bitches about Shilpa ridiculing Hina and Rocky. 

9:49 pm: Priyank-Hina embrace each other and discuss their kinship being under the scanner. 

9:48 pm: Rohan discloses to Arshi that she should be in the main five in the event that she changes herself a bit. 

9:47 pm: Rohan prompts Hina that she should deal with her emotions while battling and that she shouldn't discuss her crew individuals. 

9:46 pm: Rohan Mehra goes into the house next and looks eager to be back in the show. He goes straight to Hina and discloses to her that she has turned into a style symbol. He reveals to Priyank that it's inappropriate to bitch about your companions and not bolster them.

9:45 pm: Shilpa looks pitiful and she says to Luv that Bigg Boss has allowed her to change all the misinterpretation individuals had about her. 

9:44 pm: The housemates discuss Karan and Hina. 

9:43 pm: Karan goes to Arshi and advises her to regard Shilpa, who encourages her so affectionately. He reveals to Akash that Priyank has an extraordinary body yet Akash looks like ailing health man. 

9:42 pm: Karan at that point goes ahead to Hina and reveals to her that she lies a ton in the show. Karan reveals to Hina that the gathering of people sees everything. Karan says that she looks pretty yet shaky in the show. 

9:40 pm: Salman at that point takes the gathering of people back in the house where Karan Patel has gone into the house. Karan reveals to Shilpa that she is his top choice. 

9:38 pm: Hina attacks Vikas for picking the wrong chief. Vikas looks crushed. 

9;37 pm: Hina likewise gets included and the whole house transforms into a front line. Hina reveals to Arshi that she ought to overlook Shilpa totally. 

9:35 pm: Vikas and Arshi battle about her conduct. 

9:34 pm: Salman likewise tells the housemates that the captaincy assignment is never played reasonably. 

9:32 pm: Arshi reveals to Salman that he doesn't take a gander at Shilpa's wrong side after he chides her for manhandling Shilpa in her mom's essence. 

9:29 pm: Arshi says that she didn't lie and she felt that Shilpa was inconsiderate towards her dad. Arshi likewise shares that she talked about it to Vikas and Hina moreover. 

9:27 pm: Salman, in a snide tone, salutes Vikas on making Arshi the commander. He at that point discusses Arshi's dad going into the house and how Arshi blamed Shilpa for taking a gander at him improperly. 

9:26 pm: Salman demonstrates his furious side saying all the grimy words that Arshi utilized against Shilpa. He likewise reveals to Arshi that she has not performed in any of the assignments. 

9:25 pm: Salman pulls up Arshi on getting the captaincy as philanthropy, notwithstanding when she didn't comprehend the assignment. He likewise says that she has changed a great deal subsequent to turning into the chief. 

9:23 pm: Salman additionally pulls Priyank's legs when the competitor says that he needs to meet his mom. Salman discloses to Priyank that he should initially meet every one of his sisters. Vikas jokes about Divya expressing gratitude toward him on the stage. 

9:22 pm: He at that point moves towards Priyank and moves down on the floor snickering at him. He requests that Priyank clarify what precisely happened. Priyank shares that the separation had happened long back and Divya just declared it. Salman's comical jokes keep the housemates engaged. 

9:20 pm: Salman prods Hina that Bigg Boss was wanton to not let her sentiment with Rocky. He ridicules Bigg Boss and his one eye. He at that point advises Hina to sing his tune, "Aakhon Ki Gustakhiyan." 

9:19 pm: Salman at that point converses with Shilpa and says that he adored his mom and the way she talks. He additionally commends Shilpa saying she has an extraordinary comical inclination and commitment. He at that point prods Vikas saying he will now pay her five times the compensation after she is out of the house. 

9:18 pm: Salman acclaims the bond that Puneesh and Luv share with their fathers. While Puneesh tells that it is his dad's birthday, Salman shares that it is his mother's birthday too. He wishes them two. 

9:16 pm: He additionally prods Puneesh saying Bandgi is getting a charge out of without him and she is holidaying in Bali. He at that point jokes about just two contenders being named for the current week. He pulls Akash's legs that there is no way that he will survive this week. 

9:14 pm: Salman at long last goes ahead stage and says it was pitiful that Gauri couldn't meet Hiten and offers that the stone-hearted Bigg Boss has an uncommon amazement for Hiten. He at that point welcomes the housemates and inquires as to whether he is getting a charge out of with Bandgi. 

9:13 pm: Arshi-Hina bitch about Gauri's conduct in the house. Priyank additionally grumbles that Gauri did not by any means meet him and Luv. Vikas and Puneesh support Hiten in the garden region. 

9:08 pm: Gauri encourages Hiten to change his look each week. As she leaves the house, Hiten separates on not getting an opportunity to draw in with her. 

9:04 pm: Salman at that point gives a look at the scene where Gauri went into the house and had an enthusiastic minute with Hiten. She additionally attacked Hina for speaking sick about her better half. 

9:03 pm: The scene begins with Salman Khan entering the phase on a great Shashi Kapoor tune. He likewise talked about the passing of his Shashi uncle and appeals to God for him. Citing the Kapoor mantra – 'The show must go on', he starts the scene. 

8:45 pm: Here is a sneak look at today's scene:

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