Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde's mom uncovers why her marriage with Romit Raj lost everything

Shilpa Shinde's mom uncovers why her marriage with Romit Raj was canceled at last. 

Aside from her debate in her show Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, Bigg Boss 11 challenger was additionally in the news for her awful separation with Romit Raj. The two were good to go to get hitched yet Shilpa canceled it at last. Truth be told, she even talked about it inside the house once with Puneesh Sharma and said that the solicitations were additionally out however she felt their disparities of assessment could divide them over the long haul. Shilpa's mom as of late went into the house to meet her little girl and the various challengers. It was one mental scene for everybody as everyone's relative came to meet the challengers.

Subsequent to going out, Shilpa's mom addressed the media regarding why Shilpa canceled the marriage. She stated, "Romit had proposed to her. Also, my little girl had acknowledged his proposition since he was a decent individual. Them two chose to get hitched. In any case, after some time they understood that their assessments are altogether different. Truth be told, both of their families are likewise altogether different. What's more, it is extremely clear that for a long haul relationship, you can't bargain on such things. That is the reason my girl chose to cancel the marriage. She felt that it is smarter to end the relationship now than going for a separation later."

Indeed, this was precisely what Shilpa had said to the media when she chose to talk about it. Romit went ahead to wed Tina Kakkar, a media proficient and has a little girl with her now. Romit and Shilpa met each other on the arrangements of Maayka. Cupid struck and they became hopelessly enamored with each other yet it was not until the point that they chose to wed each other that Shilpa acknowledged they are shafts separated.

Romit has been hitched for more than seven years now. Shilpa is one of the most grounded contenders on Bigg Boss 11 and furthermore India's generally top pick. Shilpa's fans ensure that she makes and breaks records via web-based networking media. Indeed, Shilpa additionally made another record by making 5000 rotis inside the house. A great deal of famous people are additionally pulling for the on-screen character to be one of the finalists or win the show. What are your considerations on this? Let us know in the remarks beneath and stay tuned to us for additional.

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