Bigg Boss 11 December 16 Weekend Ka Vaar: LIVE UPDATES

Read every one of the features from the most recent scene of India's most questionable reality indicate publicized on Colors. 

9:27 pm: Salman says the second allegation that Vikas has put on Priyank is that he has utilized individuals in the house to push forward in the diversion. Vikas says Priyank utilized Benafsha and affected her to talk on the issues which she never was discussing in any case.

9:25 pm: As Vikas tries to clarify his take, Priyank doesn't give him a chance to talk and says that on the off chance that you don't concur with everything which Vikas is stating, you turn into a lowlife for him. Vikas says he never requested that Priyank take after his each word and requested some regard from him.

9:22 pm: Salman calls Priyank on the platform and discloses to him Vikas supposes he does everything for the cameras and is phony. Priyank protects himself by saying that for Vikas everybody in the house is phony and regardless of whether he indicates him, cherish, he considers it some endeavor to get the consideration of the cameras.

9:20 pm: Salman tells the crowd that the housemates were made a request to vent out their disappointment on a bit of paper they had for their co-contenders. He uncovers that everybody composed something aside from Vikas.

9:18 pm: Arshi apologizes to Shilpa for being inconsiderate after Salman scorns her for utilizing coarse words for Shilpa. Salman reveals to Arshi that she isn't being preferred by more than four individuals in the outside world.

9:16 pm: Salman underpins Shilpa by saying that she should have been the chief since she hasn't been the skipper even once. Arshi doesn't give Shilpa a chance to talk since she doesn't need Salman to take her class. Salman says that he won't discuss Shilpa and Arshi from the following week on the grounds that Arshi has sufficiently appreciated spotlight as a result of it.

9:13 pm: Salman tries to persuade Arshi that just by performing one assignment she can't go brag about it. Arshi says her thought process was to play her own amusement and didn't need Shilpa to end up plainly the skipper. She clarifies that Shilpa would not like to be the chief since the start of the show and now she doesn't need her to be the commander. Salman says that she is conflicting with Shilpa and supporting Vikas just to remain in the spotlight.

9:09 pm: Vikas says that it was Arshi and Luv in light of whom the contenders of the captaincy couldn't be chosen. Salman discloses to Arshi that why is she battling now when she hasn't been playing out the assignments from the earliest starting point of the show.

9:08 pm: Salman tells the housemates that this season is not quite the same as the past periods of Bigg Boss. He asks Hina how this season is extraordinary and she says that this season has the most focused contenders. Salman clarifies that prior the candidates used to go to a shared belief regardless of on the off chance that they come to it by battling with each other. By saying this he is indicating at 'no skipper' week in light of the fact that Arshi, Shilpa, Vikas and Luv couldn't choose two contenders for captaincy.

9:04 pm: The scene starts with Salman Khan entering the phase on the tunes of "Swag Se Swagat". He starts by expressing gratitude toward the gathering of people for adding to the evaluations of the show and furthermore acknowledges the challengers for giving much 'masala' to the watchers. He names the contenders who have been selected for removals this week.

8:45 pm: Here is a sneak look at this evening's scene

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