Bank and other services based on the link to limit increase: uidaiupdated:

UIDAI has issued a statement said that- "basis Act, apply and Bank account and other services to link to continue." New Delhi. Basis of the Bank account, pan card and mobile link to fix the deadline not extend to be.

Thursday unique identification authority of India ie UIDAI of this approach cleaned. At the moment a Bank account and pan based on the number of links to last on December 31, 2017's. The mobile number based on the link to the deadline 6 February 2018 fixed have been. UIDAI has the cleaning social media app व्हाट्सऐप a video on the viral after the. यूआईएडीएआई his cleaning that व्हाट्सऐप which video viral happening, that the Supreme court on August 11, 2015 have the orders, according to have. Which 'by "multiple plans limit was. This respect यूआईएडीएआई has issued a statement said that-" basis Act, apply and Bank account, pan card, mobile number based on the link to work will continue. Because of the Supreme court लिकिंग the process of seven December occurred after hearing a kind of stop not put is. "UIDAI believed these videos now is not relevant, because seven December in the Supreme court has after hearing in this case the legal aspects of this video of a nothing to do. Earlier today in the Supreme court has hearing in the Central government said that the Bank accounts and other services for the basis card link to get the date of March 31, by 2018 for increased can be. However, the attorney general Venugopal court in front of said that the mobile number based link to get the date of February 6 only be. Attorney general court also said that the data protection committee government in front of your final report February by 2018 keep will.