5 Bollywood actors who have never flopped in their career

A film star's career in Bollywood is nothing less than a movie. 

It has high, low and some average and steady points that make for an interesting watch, very few Bollywood actors are able to maintain a similar success rate in their career and are able to bounce back with very few failures.

If you look at an actor's filmography, you will see that the number of flops is more than the number of hits and only the big stars have some degree of better success ratio. But still, the hit film does not guarantee the film, according to the biggest film stars of the year, this year's movie Tublite and Jab Harry Mate Sejal. Here are 5 Bollywood actors who have never flopped in their career:

Fawad Khan:

The Huffington Post India

The Pakistani actor has acted in 3 Bollywood movies and all 3 films have been successful. He presented Sonam Kapoor in Bollywood in Khubsoorch, which was well received and then appeared in Kapoor and Sons, which also became a hit. She then appeared in 2016, she is heart is mushil

Varun Dhawan:

The Express Tribune

Actor launched the hit student of the year in 2012. He has been a part of 9 films and his 9 films have been successful. He is the most successful actor in recent times and this year he gave 2 times to return superhits.

Land Pedeker:


The actress has so far appeared in 3 films and all three films have been certified as Box Office hits. He came back in 2 to hit the auspicious Mars alert and toilets in one year: A love story was also a hit of his debut film Dum Laga.

Sana Saeed:


Actor Cappa Something happened in the form of Shahrukh's daughter and then acted in Bobby Deol's actor, which was also a hit. Then, he starred in Student of the Year in 2012, which became a hit.

Diljeet Dosanjh:


Punjab's actor Uddta made a good start in Punjab, who was doing good business at the box office and then acted opposite Anushka Sharma in Phulodi, who also did good business at the box office.

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