Who are you going to marry, British Prince Harry


Prince Harry of Britain's royal family has decided to marry his American girlfriend, Megan Markle. Prince Charles has announced this.

Prince Harry and Markle, who spent time with each other from the year 2016, had engaged in the past month.

This was not a common occurrence for Britain's royal family. The brides of the royal family are American, divorced, actress and are of mixed race.

33-year-old Prince Harry had said that he was very happy to announce this, and both men took blessings of Markal's parents.

Regarding the engagement of Prince Harry and Merkel, only the Queen Elizabeth and the closest members of the family knew only

Who is Megan Markle?

Megan, known for her work in American TV drama show suits, has grown up in Los Angeles, USA.

But Megan lives in Toronto at this time. Apart from acting he has also modeled. He married actor producer in 2011, after two years he got divorced

Markle has studied Communication from the Northwestern University School.

During the time of auditioning for acting, Merkal used to write the invitation letters to his beautiful writing. The first meeting of Harry and Merkel was in July 2016. There was speculation in the media about them soon.

Months later, Prince Harry confirmed his relationship, but also looted the media.

Markle in movies and TV shows

Markal's father was also a cinematographer who worked on the renowned show Married of the 80's.

Talking about Merkel, he has worked from the American TV show suits to The Greek, Remember Me and Horrible Bosses in the Fringe.

In 2011, Megan married a film producer Trevor Engelson after dating her for 7 years. But after two years both of them got divorced.