PM Modi top quotes: 'I sold tea… not the country'

PM Narendra Modi additionally asserted that India's reaction to 26/11 and Uri dread assaults clarify the distinction between the past UPA government and his.

Tending to the first of a progression of mobilizes in Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday lashed at the Congress for looking for verification of 'surgical strike'.

"These individuals (Opposition) requested pictures of a surgical strike as confirmation. Did we go to shoot a film?" he said.

The executive likewise guaranteed that India's reaction to 26/11 and Uri fear assaults clarify the contrast between the past UPA government and his.

Here are Narendra Modi's best quotes:

1) In last some days, individuals from the nation over have heaved such a great amount of mud at Gujarat that blooming of Lotus is sure here: PM Modi.

2) Narendra Modi, in a hidden assault on Congress pioneer Rahul Gandhi, stated: Some individuals cannot comprehend contrast between Kesar (mango) of Kutch, Gujarat, and Kesar (saffron) of Jammu and Kashmir. Along these lines, useless to enjoy contention with them.

3) Modi, without naming restriction Congress and Rahul Gandhi, stated: In such a large number of years of open life, there is no stain on me and how could you mishandle 'Child of Gujarat'. Will you endure 'atyachar' on your child?

4) A Pakistani court discharged a Pakistani fear based oppressor and the Congress is celebrating. I was astounded why. Also, this same Congress declined to trust our own armed force on surgical strikes and wanted to trust the Chinese Ambassador: PM Modi

5) Congress is despondent about demonetization. They continue assaulting me yet I need to let them know… I have experienced childhood in an indistinguishable land from Sardar Patel. I will guarantee that the poor get their due. We won't enable this country to be plundered: PM Modi

6) We are not here for control, we are here for 125 crore Indians. We need to take India higher than ever of wonderfulness: PM Modi.

7) There are a few people who cherish spreading antagonism and cynicism. My interest in them is to quit doing that. They need Neeti, Niyat, a Neta and a Naata with the general population: PM Modi.

8) The advancement work in Kutch after the 2001 shudder is for all to see. Who envisioned that Kutch can do as such well in horticulture. Individuals from the country are coming here to appreciate the Rann Utsav: PM Modi.

9) 'Gujarat is my Atma, Bharat is my Parmatma.' This place where there is Gujarat has watched over me, Gujarat has given me quality: PM Modi.

10) On one side there is Vikas and Vishwas while on the opposite side there is Vanshwad. Gujarat will never pardon the Congress Party and this has been the situation for long. Congress has never enjoyed Gujarat, has constantly wanted to see it fall behind: PM Modi.

11) another gathering came up in Delhi, whose style is to continue mishandling and fleeing. I thought Congress, being a more established gathering would not enjoy such governmental issues but rather they have additionally taken this alternate route in the previous two months and just mocked and lies: PM Modi.

12) Remember the Gujarat before BJP came to control? To go to Ahmedabad additionally individuals needed to ask is it safe. Peace circumstance in the state was exceptionally poor. This changed after BJP came to control: PM Modi.

13) We have served Gujarat with no segregation. Our conviction is the Mantra of 'Sauno Saath, Sauno Vikas': PM Modi.

14) It was with the help of the Jan Sangh that a man from the Patel Community, Babubhai Patel moved toward becoming CM. Congress disliked this and guaranteed that Babubhai Jashbhai's legislature did not last

15) When Chimanbhai Patel started to remain individually feet the Congress got irate why is he being free? So they evacuated him too. It was the BJP that upheld Chimanbhai and both he and Keshubhai Patel cooperated: PM Modi.

16) When Keshubhai Patel, a child of Saurashtra turned into the CM the Congress had a go at everything to remove him. They rehashed the same problematic strategy with Anandiben Patel, a little girl of the Patel Community. Congress has maligned Gujarat dependably: PM Modi.

17) The Congress loathes me in light of my poor beginnings. Could a gathering stoop so low? Indeed, a man having a place with a poor family has moved toward becoming PM. They don't neglect to conceal their disdain for this reality. Indeed, I sold tea, however, I didn't offer the country: PM Modi.