Bigg Boss 11, 26th November 2017: sapna Chowdhury out of house, vikas and Priyanka contest

Bigg Boss 11 Eviction, Elimination 25th November 2017 Episode Live: In today's episode of Big Boss Season 11, the most discussed and controversial reality TV show of the small screen will be decided which outfit will be out of the house.

Bigg Boss 11, 26th November 2017 Episode Live: This episode of Big Boss season 11 starts with quarrels and noises. Shilpa Shinde seems hot about her talk and Arshi Khan seems to be crying over her talk. Vikas Gupta, supporting Arshi Khan, says that she has just made one friend in this show and that is Arshi Khan. Arshi Khan tells Salman Khan that she has considered Shilpa as her mother, and despite this she feels very bad when she breaks her heart.
Like every time Salman Khan is also seen dealing with the dispute of the members of the house. As far as the matter is concerned, in today's episode, Salman has come to bring more coolness to the members of the house in cold weather. Salman Khan sent the hangman with the cold water bucket near the house. The house is divided into pairs and in these pairs there is a boy and a girl. Salman will ask any questions from the girl and the girl will have to answer that question. The interesting thing is that if the girl does not answer, then her partner will be safe, but if her answer is yes then her partner will have to face cold water.

Here's Live Updates of Bigg Boss 11, 26th November 2017 Full Episode Written Updates
- Vikas Gupta and Priyank, who were very good friends, were seen to be fighting with each other very badly.
- After leaving the house of the dream, Vikas Gupta and the rest of the house have been quarreling with each other.
- Sapna Chaudhary has been eliminated from the house.
- A rotating platform was built in the garden area of ​​the house, which has three chairs. Depending on platform rotation, one of the members of the house had to be eliminated.
- Who among the dream, Hina and Priyank would be out of the house, it was chosen very differently. Salman arrived inside the house through Me-TV.
- Salman also gave a task to everyone at the stage where a song will be played on stage and everyone should dance on it.
- Salman pulled Bobby for not doing the work, but he also told that he has started work-out for Race-3. He also told that he is going to make a very good body soon.
Remo and Jacqueline arrive at the stage after coming out of the house and reaching stage with them, the film's producer Ramesh, actor Bobby Deol and the rest reached the star cast.
- Remo D'Souza himself choreographed for the song of the sky and all the members of the house danced on this step.
- Hina Khan, along with Vikas Gupta, danced on the song 'A Chatur Narar' and also enjoyed a lot of fun together.
- Race-3 director Remo Dijosa promised to dream Chopra that he will soon be working with them. The dream is very happy after hearing this.
- Sapna Chaudhary and Priyank Sharma dance on the song 'Beat Pay Buti'.
- Shilpa Shinde and Hiten Tejwani danced on the song 'Tu' and Akash and Punish dance together on 'Sauri' songs.
- Remo and Jacqueline went inside the house and fed a home game to the members of the house. Under this game, members of the house would have to rotate a big dice. There is something written on the four corners of the Dice. The part in which the person who comes in will have to dance on the same song.
- Salman Khan's upcoming movie Race 3 director Remo D'Souza and actress Jacqueline Fernandez came to promote his film on the show.
- After the call was cut and Salman was out of the house, the members of the house started shooting on this weekend.
- In response, Love said that because he did not take care of the whole thing at the time, so I had said that in such a way.
- As far as the talk is from the Apple Fisher Collar of the Week, the caller named Priyanka called from Delhi to Love Tyagi and asked why she also lied to her.
- Akash Dadalani has been appearing apologizing to Salman Khan. In the last episode, he had misled Salman Khan. This time, he apologized to Salman for his actions and told him that after explaining Arshi he has completely understood the things.
This task is to make the house more colder in the cold season. Firstly, Punish became the target of Salman in this task. Apart from them, sky, development and the rest of the participants have also suffered from this outbreak.