big boss season 11 weekend Ka Vaar live updates

Bigg Boss 11 November 25 Weekend Ka Vaar: Can't observe this evening's scene? Read every one of the features from the most recent scene of India's most questionable reality indicate publicized on Colors. 

Can't observe today around evening time's Bigg Boss 11 scene? Read every one of the features from the most recent scene of India's most dubious reality demonstrate circulated on Colors.

9:23 pm: Salman says Puneesh and Akash's kinship was enjoyable. He includes that now we would witness their contempt. Akash says it's just three months. Salman influences him to comprehend that the whole world is viewing. Salman surrenders in influencing him to get it.

9:22 pm: Salman says diversion is okay however don't expect devotion with anybody.

9:21 pm: Salman asks Puneesh for what good reason he guaranteed to Akash and the last is perfectly fine is harmed due to companionship.

9:21 pm: Puneesh and Akash discuss the captaincy assignment. Salman questions Puneesh about not staying faithful to his commitments. Akash gets forceful once more. He says Puneesh had the shot yet he didn't do it.

9:20 pm: Sapna discloses to Salman that he conferred a mix-up by getting uneducated individuals in the house. Salman says, "I won't react to this announcement."

9:18 pm: Salman questions Sapna on getting hurt when another person addresses her. Salman additionally gets some information about raising group in the house. He asks, "Aren't Muslim, Jatt, Punjabi and all companions with each other." He gets aggravated and says even kids don't talk this way.

9:16 pm: Hina differs that Puneesh did not utilize words the way he is stating at this moment. Salman says the circumstance was very typical. Salman questions Hina about the way she discussed Puneesh's announcement about Sapna. He inquires as to whether she at any point talked about this to others. While she dismisses him, Salman says Hina talked in regards to the issue to Priyank as well.

9:13 pm: Puneesh clarifies that he has never been the one to speak sick about Sapna. He clarifies what he attempted and specified. Salman says it is correct and clears up this is precisely how Puneesh said. Sapna inquires as to whether she can take a gander at the clasp. Salman questions on the off chance that she feels he is lying.

9:11 pm: Puneesh gets greater part and Salman calls him to give his decision. Sapna is asked to clarify for what good reason Puneesh is the lowlife. Salman says, "I am additionally massy". He doubts what is the issue in it. Salman clears that the way things have been passed on to her are altogether different to the way Puneesh has talked.

9:09 pm: Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Priyank Sharma and Sapna Chaudhary have been designated for ousting. Salman says while we don't know who will exit yet he is clear who is the reprobate. He tests if the housemates and Salman's idea coordinate by any stretch of the imagination. Hiten says Puneesh is the reprobate. Puneesh and Vikas says Priyank. Hina says Vikas. Shilpa says Sapna and many take Priyank's name.

9:08 pm: Salman goes in the house to meet the housemates. He says how about we have a great time however by then Akash Dadlani enters and he ridicules Akash.

9:06 pm: Arshi says if Shilpa goes to Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma and discuss her, at that point she would break the companionship.

9:05 pm: Shilpa Shinde questions Arshi Khan about her procedure and why she is moving sides. Arshi and Shilpa have a war of words in the kitchen territory.

9:04 pm: Salman Khan respects the crowd and says living in the Bigg Boss house isn't a simple assignment. He says with more than 100 cameras, it's difficult to conceal anything from the gathering of people. He presents four selected hopefuls yet again and after that takes the group of onlookers to the house and shows additional recording from the week passed by.

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