In spite of Salman Khan's notices amid the end of the week, the Bigg Boss 11 prisoners are busy once more. With the prisoners being partitioned into two gatherings - one drove by Hina Khan and the other by Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta - battles are unavoidable. Add to that the way that Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani are back to being adversaries and things simply go from awful to more terrible in the Bigg Boss house.

Since Hiten Tejwani is the present skipper of the house, it falls on him to endeavor to arbitrate quarrels and bring over peace however whether he will succeed or not stays to be seen.

Today around evening time's scene will concentrate on a battle which breaks out amongst Puneesh and Akash. The battle has genuine ramifications on selections.

Puneesh and Akash start a contention amid breakfast. Their companionship had broken after Akash felt that Puneesh had double-crossed him amid the captaincy assignment. Indeed, even an apathetic slug fest at the Sultani Akhada had not figured out how to repair this companionship. At last, amid Sunday's scene, it appeared that the two had fixed up in the wake of moving to the tune I am Sorry. Be that as it may, this ceasefire is by all accounts fleeting. Puneesh gets so irate amid breakfast that he even tosses sustenance! Alternate housemates are compelled to intercede.

Here are the live updates of the present Bigg Boss 11, Episode 57, Day 57, November 27, 2017:

Also, with that, today around evening time's scene arrives at an end. Tune in tomorrow at 10:30 pm.

11:23 pm: Arshi tries to converse with Shilpa

Arshi discloses to Shilpa that she hasn't offended her however Shilpa reveals to her she has.

Shilpa says she isn't keen on being companions with her

11:16 pm: Hiten tries to fix up Arshi and Shilpa

Arshi grumbles that Shilpa's connections change each day. Hiten asks Arshi for what reason she is angry with Shilpa and Arshi clarifies Bandgi's part in it. Hiten asks her why she didn't realize that Bandgi is the sort to disclose to one individual what the other individual said.

11:13 pm: Fight over sustenance starts

Akash eats more than the designated two parathas that get each one into a battle. A baffled Hiten surrenders, says everybody eat how much ever they need. He whines to Hina and Luv who are in the dozing region. Hina reveals to Hiten he should be more stern as commander.

11:09 pm: Shilpa and Hina get into battle, at that point Shilpa and Arshi get into it

Shilpa reveals to Arshi that she isn't deserving of being called Mom and thusly, she is really offending her own mom

11:06 pm: Bigg Boss reports that the three challengers assigned are Bandgi, Puneesh and Luv

Hopefuls talk about whom they voted in favor of as Priyank, Akash and Luv do a rap with Arshi participate.

11:04 pm: Contestants start to vote in favor of two people they need to name for ousting:

Hiten is exempted as he was the commander this week.

Hina - Puneesh and Bandgi

Akash - Puneesh and Bandgi

Priyank - Puneesh and Bandgi

Luv - Puneesh and Bandgi

Bandgi - Luv and Akash

Shilpa - Priyank and Luv

Puneesh - Luv and Akash ( I would prefer not to pick Akash however his conduct towards Bandgi in prison hurt me.)

Arshi - Puneesh and Bandgi

Vikas - Luv and Hina (Her battle with Shilpa wasn't right)

Hiten - Akash and Puneesh

10:53 pm:.. What's more, the outcome

Hina reveals to Priyank that she can't bolster the individual who isn't right

Shilpa discloses to Puneesh that he shold not offer in to insults purposely made to incite him

Arshi exploits, says while everybody whines that she is annoying, the individual who is really annoying and uses awful words is Puneesh.

10:50 pm: Puneesh and Akash battle and how!

Shilpa and Arshi's battle overflow and Puneesh and Akash begin figthting. Puneesh takes the eggs that Akash has cooked and tosses them on the floor. Bandgi and Shilpa pull Puneesh away yet even they can't prevent him from tossing his footwear at Akash. Priyank ventures in and maneuvers him away into the garden. Luv Tyagi tries to quiet him down.

Akash goes to the grden and insults Puneesh again and Hiten ventures in, pushes Puneesh away.

Shilpa needs to clear the sustenance mess. She tries to quiet down Puneesh however futile.

Puneesh and Akash come back to the kitchen, with Puneesh debilitating to take the animosity past the Bigg Boss house.

"How could he act mischievously with Bandgi, in the event that he is a man's child, given him a chance to take a stab at offending me!" Puneesh shouts.

10:43 pm: And the ceasefire is finished!

Arshi and Shilpa begin battling once more. Arshi acquires Vikas into the battle, says he won't spare them from designations.

10:39 pm: It's breakfast time

Shilpa and Hina get into a battle about a paratha. Akash and Arshi can't contain their satisfaction at this advancement.

10:36 pm: Uh goodness

Shilpa Shinde places an unfilled box of grain in Hina's drawer during the evening

10:35 pm: We are Sorry

Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi address the group of onlookers and apologize for their missteps.

10:33 pm: New bonds

Bandgi and Shilpa bolster each other against Arshi and Akash as they wash vessels and vegetables.

Shilpa asks Arshi for what good reason she is playing recreations. She and Arshi talk pleasantly and begin kidding and snickering. They even offer an embrace, making Hiten Tejwani exceptionally cheerful.

10:15 pm: Shil-mama no more?

Buzz is that Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan's battle has achieved new statures. The two who were close to the point that Arshi called Shilpa, Shil-mama (alluding to her as mother), are presently at loggerheads. Starting at now, there doesn't appear to be any expectation for rapproachement.

9:25 pm: Sapna Choudhary: Shilpa, Hina or Vikas will win the show

Sapna Choudhary, who was expelled yesterday, disclosed to Mirror's Poonam Ahuja that she doesn't anticipate that an everyday person will win the demonstrate this season. It will be a big name and she didn't name Hiten Tejwani among her best picks

"Bigg Boss 11 will be won by a superstar, could be one among Shilpa (Shinde), Vikas (Gupta) and Hina (Khan)," she anticipated. At the point when addressed for what reason not a normal person she stated, "Ordinary people principle agar fundamental hoti toh jeeti na, abdominal muscle toh everyday citizen ke naam standard sab dhabbe pade huwe hai andar. (I could have been an everyday citizen who won, however the plebeians who are still in the house don't have the triumphant gauge.)"